Sunday, March 4, 2018

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Who I Am in Christ Daily Devotional

My role as a Discipleship Coach is to encourage women of their identity in Christ. My students may be recovering from a dysfunctional lifestyle, depression, divorce, and discouragement. They have feelings of unworthiness. Many do not believe they can be forgiven. Or they think they have to do all kinds of works and get cleaned up before they can repent. This devotional starts out with the topic of IDENTITY THEFT. We need to KNOW who we are in Christ. God gave us a priceless identity. We are created in His image. Satan uses lies and accusations to make us feel we are not good enough to come before a holy God. That part is true. We are not acceptable until we believe that Jesus is the Son of God and His precious blood redeems us and cleanses us until we white as snow. God wants us in the Word so we can grasp who we are in Christ. Each day presents a Truth found in the Bible along with an easy to understand explanation. There is a question for Reflection, which makes it personal to us, and then a short prayer. “For Further Study” shares an expanded scripture. Days 14-73 tells us who we are as a believer in Jesus Christ. Days 74-100 discusses about Transformation: Becoming Who We Are. Once we believe, we are His. We can be sanctified every day by our intentional time in God’s Word and walking daily in His will. I will be using key verses from this Who I Am in Christ Daily Devotional to share with my students. Thank you Hendrickson-Rose for this PDF to review. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Topical Bible Index: Bible Insert

What a handy dandy research tool! My favorite parts of the Topical Bible Index: Bible Insert are the quick find section on the Chronological listing of the events in Jesus life in all four gospels, the Miracles of Jesus, and the Parables of Jesus in convenient easy to read table. I have dozens of book and computer files with this information, but it is not always with me. But as a bible study teacher, I like to have this handy topical index that will fit inside my bible cover. It is concise with 500 topics that include biblical references. Fifty-five pages is a comfortable size and not too bulky to carry to class or church. It is neat and attractive with a full-color photo to denote the letters of the alphabet-such as Angel for the A. I also like the fact that PDF download which I can open on my tablet or phone and complete searches to find all references of a word such as CROSS. Since I answer phones at a Christian ministry, I do not have time to thumb through the 300 pages of my handbook. This Thursday I was all in a dither trying to find relevant verses on loneliness and fear. Within seconds had 12 verses regarding fear and loneliness. Many senior citizens, that I talk to on the prayer line, do not have computers or smartphones. It is comforting to those unfamiliar with the Bible to have a few verses to read when they are alone. This is a great teacher reference and pastors could certainly find it useful. Henderickson/Rose provided this PDF for my unbiased review.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Life of Jesus: 6-Session DVD Bible Study

Two years ago I purchased the Miracles of Jesus and led my women’s class in a Bible Study. We enjoyed the picturesque scenery of Jerusalem and everywhere that Jesus walked. We used the discussion questions and the study guide to prepare my lessons. The Life of Jesus series seems to be just as interesting and wonderful. My favorite part of this DVD of the life of Jesus is the opening backdrop in Jerusalem Galilee and other points of interest. Since I have never been to Israel it is important to me to see where Jesus walked. The information on the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River was in lightning. Although all the sessions offered historical truths of key events of Jesus' life, I think my favorite part of the series is Session 6 with Dr. Matt William sitting in front of a campfire during the dark of night. Defeating the Enemy chronicles Mark 1:21 – 28 when Jesus Casts Out Demons. He shared scripture and gave a detailed background of Jesus’ confrontation with the demons. He encourages us to balance our thinking. Not to be overly obsessed with demons because “greater is He that is in us than Satan that in the world.” We know in the book of Revelation that the Devil has been defeated.  However, Matt encourages us to remember that Satan knows his time is short and we are likely to see more demonic activity in the days to come. Demons are very real and powerful. We cannot face them in our own strength. Prayer is essential and we must rely on the power of Jesus’ name. The Deeper Connections series was written and taught by biblical experts who could also communicate that material in a clear, practical, understandable manner. Each video is approximately 30 minutes with breaks for discussion and resources to use with the videos. I appreciate the scripture verses shown the screen so participants can read it without turning the lights. Thank you, Hendrickson/Rose  Publishers for allowing me to preview this valuable resource.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Rose Christ in the Passover

For years I have been intrigued with the Jewish Celebration of the Passover. I myself have attended three Passover Seder meals. One hosted by a Messianic Jew and his many children. It was very meaningful to hear the children ask the questions. Most Christians have little insight into the feasts and festivals of the Jewish faith. The demonstrations of the matzo bag fascinated me. As a Bible Study teacher of women I want to share with other the experience of the Seder Meal. I invited this family to come to our church and explain the history of the Passover and the significance in the celebration and symbolism as it relates to Jesus Christ our Savior. Years later, I am teaching a Women’s class at my church. This PowerPoint of Christ is the Passover is the perfect vehicle to share the Old Testament background of the Passover. The slides show a detailed comparison of the Passover and the Lord’s Supper using scripture from Exodus 12 and several passages from the New Testament. The Christian Seder portions of the slideshow uses full-color photos of the matzo bag and the Seder plate representing the essential elements in the traditional meal. The photos of middle matzah, called Afikomen, was broken and one piece placed back in the matzo bag show what no amount of words can convey in a lesson. The various slides can be used to supplement teaching and the participants can use the worksheets to share in the reading of the scripture. This resource would be a wonderful addition when used in a Bible study or a special class prior to our Easter celebrations. Thank you Hendrickson Rose for allowing me to review this PowerPoint of Christ in the Passover.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Kidz: 50 Top Memory Verse Lessons

This teacher's book with 208 pages that utilize music, science, physical activities, and even snacks to illustrate Godly truths in short teachable memory verses. I could use some of these lessons for myself. Creative crafts and games show children how to relate God's Word to circumstances in their lives at home and at school. The delightful Valentine garland with "Love thy neighbor" would be great for the children church in February. Since they are a diverse age group there is a variety of activities and games for the children to enjoy. I know those rowdy little boys will love the balloon stomp while learning to "Fear Not." Home activities will help the children in the neighborhood carry home biblical truths. The note is non-threatening to unbelieving parents yet is a simple as a walk on a Fall day to look at God's creation. The coloring sheet for "God created the heaven and the earth" can be used by preschoolers and through elementary ages. This is a delightful resource with many reproducible pages including crossword puzzles, wordfinds, picture puzzles, and handy charts to use at church or at home. Our small church is always looking for something appropriate for Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. This book fit the bill. Thank you Hendrickson Rose for allowing me to review this resource for free.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Depression

Gary H. Lovejoy, MA, MRE, Ph.D., was a professor of psychology and a professor of religion at Mt. Hood Community College for 32 years and has had a private practice in professional counseling for more than 38 years. Part one explains the definition of depression and has checklists to help determine severity. Parts two and three shares different causes of depression and how our relationships in our childhood, our marriages, and our workplace affect our emotional health. The author defines depression as an “emotional alarm system telling you that something is wrong or damaging and needs your attention.” He suggests developing better coping skills; reach out for help, and making basic changes in their normal routines or by experimenting with new ways of responding to others. This resource has many charts and statistics which could be helpful to different users. As a discipleship coach for Search for Jesus, depression is one of the main reasons women seek help. That is why part 4 is so important to me. I believe after all is said and done about depression, the only sure cure is a relationship with Jesus. But my favorite section is Part 4: The Therapy and Theology of Hope. “A person’s spiritual life profoundly influences both the causes and the effects of depression.” I teach adult women's bible study. Even members of the church can fall victim to depression. I am thankful I have this pdf for use when talking to women in depression. The  resource will be useful with both my ministries. Lovejoy gives examples of biblical characters in the throes of depression and shows how God addressed the causes of their depression with different divine methods. Who can forget the gentle whisper of God to Elijah? Jesus shows His comfort and compassion to Mary and Martha upon the death of their brother. Jesus demonstrated His humanity when he wept. This information is needed to show women it is alright to talk to God about their problems. This resource was given to me by Hendrickson/Rose Publishing exchange for a fair and honest review.