Wednesday, June 5, 2019

"J's Diner" is a seven-week study of Psalm 23. lower elementary

"J's Diner" is a seven-week study of Psalm 23 for lower elementary children. J’s Diner is a flashback to the 1950 diners. The theme has an eye-catching black and white checked border, with red, green, and yellow banners and signs. It is attractive and makes me want to pick it up and read the lessons. Using the 23rd Psalm is powerful and familiar. It was one of my first and favorite passages of scripture.
This 112-page leaders guide will help keep your children in Sunday school and Bible school actively engaged while teaching the Bible passage for scriptural knowledge and real-life impact.
I like that the crafts are included in the lessons where they make sense and can be helpful to children as they learn. Psalm 23 is the focus of the lessons. The first verse “the Lord is my shepherd” is coupled with John 10. Games repeat the theme of the good shepherd taking care of the sheep.
In the resources section, there are seven reproducible placemats to be printed in grayscale. Decorated in the diner’s theme they use word games and puzzles for children to color and learn. These include a Word-find, Fill-in-the-Blank for Psalm 23, TicTacToe, Connect the Dots and several others. This is activity quick and easy to prepare and keeps the children focused and engaged.
Cute 8 x 11 colorful posters use the phrases from the 23rd Psalm. Examples are: The Lord is my shepherd with the yield sign; the Lord is my provider with a rest area sign.
I would recommend this leaders guide for Sunday school teachers for meaningful and easy lessons. This resource was given to me by Hendrickson Rose publishing company for a fair review.

"J's Diner" is a seven-week study of Psalm 23.

J's Diner Combo Kit   -
"J's Diner" is a seven-week study of Psalm 23. It is part of the 28nineteen p. This upper elementary leaders' guide is beautifully crafted with a black and white checkered border. Bright red, yellow, and green is an attractive color scheme that is pleasing to the eye. The resource displays the directions in an easy to read format. J's Diner includes "Today's Special" which would be the memory verse and "The Pantry," which supplies large and small group activities. The Leader's Devotion is insightful and gives you wonderful prayer prompts.
In the past, I have been subjected to small print and difficult to follow directions. But this instructional guide makes you want to pick it up and read it. Each page and each section is highlighted by a bright colored banner.
Every activity has a specific purpose and connects to the Bible lesson and the main point for the day. Psalm 23 is broken down into easy to memorize sections. Small Group activities ask questions to break the ice and introduce the topic.
The main reason I like this resource as it talks about the Bible being the best part. In the "What did God say?" section, the memory verse is only one verse or passage during each day's session.
The Bible lesson is introduced, then the children actually read the Bible. The text is from Psalm 23. With each lesson, the gospel is presented in a clear and age-appropriate method. The lessons end with an application of how the children can focus on Jesus in their daily lives.
Large group activity includes materials and directions for games prepared especially to integrate the theme of the memory verse. "The Lord is my shepherd" uses sheep in the game.
The reproducible pages are a plus. They are attractive and allow the children to have a bookmark size instructions for the activities.
As an elementary school teacher, I would say these lessons are fun and easy to plan. Psalm 23 is one of my first and favorite scriptures as a child. I agree that these lessons are scripturally sound. They are also adaptable to small churches such as where I attend.
I received this PDF in exchange for a review of the material the Hendrickson Rose publishing company

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Chronology of Israel's Kings and Prophets

This pamphlet "The Chronology of Israel's Kings and Prophets" is a must for anyone studying the Old Testament. As a student of the Bible, the New Testament was always easier for me. First and Second Kings and First and Second Chronicles seemed repetitive and confusing. The Old Testament books labeled the Major and Minor Prophets took more historical training. When I studied the Divided Kingdom, I was a novice and struggled to line up the prophets and the kings with the Upper and Lower Kingdom. The fact that different prophets could serve different kings during the same time period was the key to make a timeline. As a participant in Community Bible Study, I enjoyed entering pertinent facts on a table or chart. Trying to make create my own chart was time-consuming and tedious. When I became a bible study teacher, I searched for a resource to share with others. Hendrickson Publishers and Rose Publishing have the perfect tool: "The Chronology of Israel's Kings and Prophets." The facts are organized in a clear and concise manner throughout this pamphlet using a color. Starting with the book of First Samuel the people demanded a king. Saul and David were anointed by Samuel, chosen by God. Prophets names are written in red. The key events for the King and Prophets are listed in the table with the chapter of the book included. The reign of King Saul is noted with a yellow stripe running vertically on the chart. The reign of King David is shown with the dark green band and King Solomon is denoted with the lighter green band. After the death of Solomon, the kingdom was divided, his descendants ruling Judah in the south and other kings ruling Israel in the North. The color key for the Divided Kingdom: PROPHETS are in red; KINGS OF ISRAEL (Northern Kingdom) are in gold; KINGS OF JUDAH (Southern Kingdom) are in blue. Key events are listed by chapter (CH). The boxes sprinkled throughout the pamphlet contain relevant information about the kings and prophets. It was a privilege to review this resource from Hendrickson Publishers and Rose Publishing. I received this PDF for a fair review.

Monday, April 15, 2019

100 Days of Peace

This collection of devotions by Stephen Arterburn is appropriate for this time in our lives. So many people are seeking peace. The only true peace can be found through Jesus Christ in the Words of the Holy Bible. I enjoyed the format of the devotions. A simple title with a key verse and two or three paragraphs offering encouragement.  Also included are three or four quotes from famous biblical writers including Billy Graham, Oswald Chambers, and C.S. Lewis. My favorite part is “For Further Reflection“ listing four or five additional scripture verses. As a discipleship coach and a Sunday school teacher, I am is always on the lookout for a relevant Christian reading. Scripture is the basis for all of my teaching and I am so glad Stephen Arterburn has included multiple selections of scripture.  Each day ends with a simple prayer. Several topics of interest include; Turbulent Times Build Character, No Problems are Too Big for God, The Right Priorities, Controlling Your Emotions, Facing Fears, Trusting God. There is a listing for almost any type of anxiety. This is a good resource for those who are seeking peace.
 This resource was offered to me for an honest review by Hendrickson Rose  publishing company. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Evidence for the Resurrection

The booklet, Evidence for the Resurrection, was well written listing the objections and the theories skeptics offer to dispute the truth of Jesus resurrection. This resource is visually attractive and written in a manner easily presented to nonbelievers. Skeptics Theory number 2: “Jesus did not die on the cross,” was the best-documented evidence using historical data about the Roman technique for death by crucifixion.
This booklet uses 12 notable references from trustworthy authors. Many scripture texts were used to prove the evidence for resurrection. While I certainly believe the infallibility of God’s Word there are many skeptics that do not believe the Bible is true. However, Josephus was a notable historian of Jewish history. The historical information noting the unlikely use of women as witnesses was very convincing. Peter W. Stoner writes a compelling document on the probability that Jesus fulfilled the many prophecies in the Old Testament. While I have actually researched and studied at least one-third of the references, I appreciate an accurate and simple condensing of the information. This is a great witnessing tool to share facts on the  Resurrection. I was given a free copy of this PDF from Hendrickson Rose publications for an honest and accurate review of the information.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

World Religions made Easy

This summer as an extension of my Internet Evangelism, I took an online course about bridging our communication with Muslims. We discovered areas in which Muslims and Christians can agree and the things we have in common. The study showed me topics that I can safely discuss with Muslims. The information in this booklet shares information about thirty world religions. While I was familiar with more than a few of the religions, but there were many groups of which I had never heard. During my experience sharing Jesus with women around the world, I was introduced to Santeria. I gained some valuable information from this resource.  Also, I had read an article about a doctor in our county that is proud of his belief in Sikhism. There were many particulars about reincarnation, karma, and the 5 K’s of this religion. My main purpose in a resource of this type was how each religion dealt with Jesus and what happens after death. This book was very clear on both counts. I was astonished at the number of men who basically founded their own religion and wrote the religious texts. It seems kind of egomaniacal on the part of the founders. I marvel that “man” has such a problem believing in Jesus and God’s plan of salvation. I did notice that several religions were covered more thoroughly and included six or seven pages of information. My suggestion would be to include more in-depth writing about Judaism and Biblical Christianity. I found this resource to have much valuable information and was given this pdf from Hendrickson/Rose Publishers for an honest review.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ten Keys to Spiritual Growth

I am so delighted to find this resource. The Bible Study I attend suggests the book of Acts can be called the Acts of the Holy Spirit. I am enjoying learning all I can about this relationship. The illustration of a tree representing Spiritual Growth is right on. I am so excited! I can hardly wait to share at church tonight and with my CBS group. Water representing the Grace of God is perfect. He fills me us and my love can overflow to others. The soil is the Word of God enriches our lives by nourishing us, the Root is Jesus, how perfect, He is the reason for our salvation and our resurrection. The trunk of the tree represents our habits and actions. We need the living presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit for growth. Our relationship with others is represented by branches and the more we grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God we will exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. The 10 Keys listed below each appear with scriptures to Read; truths we can Know and questions we should Ask ourselves about our spiritual life. There are suggested activities to Do that will promote our Spiritual Growth. Many of the activities are habits in my life, but there is always something we can do to improve our relationship with the Holy Spirit. This pamphlet is filled with helpful suggestions.
1.      Focus on your relationship with God.
2.      Pray for growth
3.      Memorize and meditate on God‘s word
4.      Seek wisdom
5.       Obey God‘s word 
6.      Commit to community
7.      Serve others
8.      Give generously
9.      Be thankful
10.   Trust in God’s promises
Henderickson/Rose provided this pdf for my review.